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Greetings Family and Welcome to Westcoast LA Muscle Unlimited!

Here at Westcoast LA Muscle Unlimited, we are passionate about our client’s health. Our mission is to inform, educate, motivate and challenge everyone to be more active. It has been of the utmost importance to impart to our clients that it is totally possible to be fit and healthy while having fun and achieving goals.

Over the years, we have offered varieties of wellness activities such as weekend hiking classes, festivals, boot camps, lifestyle classes/ fitness camps for kids, teens and seniors. We have hosted and participated in fitness shows; frequently lectured at group events and appeared at Los Angeles area schools and community events; expounding on the importance of fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle. Competition prep coaching as well as celebrity and professional personal training are included in our repertoire.

President, Eric Tucker, has spent years maintaining a fulfilled, healthy, fitness lifestyle. The former “Mr. Inglewood 1994”, “Mr. Baldwin Hills Mixed Pairs 1995”, sponsored athlete won various awards in local and national body building as well as fitness competitions since 1992. These are a few of the accolades that paved the way for his fitness column in the California Crusader newspaper, LA Times newspaper,  Public Access Fitness TV show, Eyewitness News exercise segments and more.

I, personally, have come to understand that you will only achieve better health by creating a balanced lifestyle. This is possible when you connect proper nutrition to a fitness foundation. In 2019, I launched “T5 Nutrition” a high quality supplement company. I wanted to consume healthy supplements and saw a need for this in the fitness market. It is my desire to continue to motivate and support people on their fitness paths through education about training and nutrition while providing high quality supplementation.

I invite you to join the Westcoast LA Muscle Unlimited family. We are excited to share our years of experience to help you grow in your personal health and fitness.

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