About Us

Our Story

Many years ago I knew that I would start a supplemental nutrition company. I have been using supplements since the age of 16. Supplements have come a long way since then, many changes though have not been for the better. Over the years, I had found most of them to not come from quality natural sources with more focus on performance and short-term results. Eventually after taking some products, I would feel burned out and lacking a feeling of vitality.

I continued looking for something that would facilitate strength and health so I started taking herbs. They were great for my health but at that time I really didn’t know how to make them give me the performance edge that I was looking for with bodybuilding. I knew then that there was a hole in the market that needed to be filled, so I asked myself, “One day I will start a supplement line that will help the athlete as well as the average person in their pursuit for health, longevity, performance and vitality.” Years later, with more knowledge and experience “T5 Nutrition” was born, with a bit of inspiration provided by a girlfriend. My years of competing and personal training led me to know what people needed and were looking for. I hammered out the details and created sports performance products from herbs and premium natural ingredients.

The T5 Nutrition Supplement line is currently consisting of high quality, plant based protein powders (3 flavors) infused with herbs and anti-inflammatory non-filler ingredients; recovery drink blends with a wide array of nutrition supporting herbs, vitamin and mineral compounds as not seen in any other products on the market; a high green super food cellular building herbal powder formula to add to dietary micro nutrient density, as well as creatine and a diet friendly matcha green tea smoothie blend. The flavors profiles have been crafted so that you enjoy them while enhancing your physical fitness and fitting into many nutrition programs.

Our Mission

Our mission, is to promote health, nutrition, wellness and physical activity as a way of life. To teach the individual, family and the community, that a healthy person is a positive and productive person. We want to inform people that keeping healthy is the foundation of well being, and understanding their bodies will improve thier quality of life. Our Core 5 pillars are “Spirit, Mind, Body, Nutrition and Lifestyle” . We incorporaate this pillars into our programs so our clients will acheive the results they want and keep them for a life time.